Rate my ping pong table

Folded ping pong table I made in half an hour

please give feedback on what can be improved


Damn that looks really nice I don’t think you could make it any more realistic looking. Do you have an unfolded version?


looks cool but can you make it a little spicy like um… try to make the ping pong table unfolded itself (or you can’t do that?)

the table itself looks cool but you don’t need to push yourself to make me satisfied, Okay?

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It looks basic, but I like it.
Do you have an unfolded version of the ping pong table?
Grade: Undecided

looks very realistic, i hope you do a full version with the table down too.

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As everyone has requested:


Aye! nice looks great. Did you make it all in-studio or were some parts blender/other programs?

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Looks great folded and unfolded! My only suggestion would be to detail the net a bit more. The bars are a bit thick and the decal doesn’t look too good, try maybe making a mesh net! Good work though so far!

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Thanks, everything was made in studio accept the the ping pong bat

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Thanks, I followed your suggestions, heres the improvement

so I attempted making a mesh net

and made the bars less thick


Nice! and smooth. It would be better if it also opens up when you click on it. Lol