Rate my retro render /10

I saw a retro render the other day that I thought was cool so I decided to make one. The image quality is bad even after vectorizing it, so I apologize for that. This is also a wip, but I wanted to see what people thought about it which will be the deciding factor for whether or not I finish it.


Wow, its very cool! You should change the Plastic texture to SmoothPlastic I think. (I dont know if the black zone is Plastic texture, but it looks like plastic)

The render looks really good, i like how you made your own design based on different images. And added the different styles to it. However do you mind showing the reference image!!

My Suggestions

  • The render looks, good however the colors look a little low to me I would suggest. You add some more brighter colors to the ground part or add a different texture, to it also add some more! Lines to it and you could add more brighter retro to the end of the image. I would recommend that!!

  • As for the background, It looks a little plain try Adding come colors to it, and add cut lines to it and If your going for a full retro style i would suggest. You fix up the sun a bit more it looks a little normal i’'ll add cuts! through the sun to it could go with the retro render.

  • And the sun looks a little to low I’ll bring. It up a bit more and make it a little more bigger and you should add different colors, to it so It would look more like the retrowave!! As showed below.


Overall it looks, really nice you’ve done a great job on it hope to more of your work very soon!!

Also this should be in the #development-support:art-design-support


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Your render looks pretty good, although the pink outlines should be altered to be brighter. Also, make the sun higher. It looks low where it is at right now.

I like the way it’s been designed. Like the two above, I would make the pink lighting brighter and go with the image show within @jordonh23 reply as it follows that colour scheme. One thing that I would add potentially would be neon spot lights to give it that bit more sci-fi feel. Just my opinion.

Overall good render. 9/10

I like the render. It’s a true retro render.

All it needs is some 80s / 90s TV static and you’re on a roll

Overall: 9/10

Brings back old times of colors in movies. 10/10 from me

that render is pretty v a p o r

I haven’t imported anything into roblox, it’s all in blender. The frosted glass look wasn’t there before I vectorized it.

I updated it a little bit, but I’m not sure how I like it.