Rate my simple old stretcher. x/10

Rate my simple old stretcher. x/10 :slightly_smiling_face:



It is very detailed and fits your theme from before. Though I just wonder…


I cannot imagine that the stretcher can hold anything more than a piece of paper of that size can. And the handles…

Despite this, it is still very professional and well build.

Keep up the great work!


Your “Old Stretcher” is very detailed i like how you included this inside, your abandoned hospital and i know it would add a great addition to your build. However i can see this is a very old stretcher as it’s mostly known as a. Historical stretcher, as used since 100 years by all kind of countries. And i can say its really well done and it adds a nice style to your hospital but! I would assume adding the close stretcher straps on the side of the bed part. Because if you look a the very old stretcher you would see these kind of details, on the bed part but these was used very long ago in the (WW2) they would used for carrying injured! People during the german bomb raids. However back on topic i would also try adding the cover you added to your, build try adding a light brown one instead of a white one because. Depending on what kind of one your currently.

Making they were always light brown or dark. Green but i would assume either color is fine but just try including the final details to your stretcher, so it could look a bit more detailed and improved i don’t have much. To say but i would add the straps on the side of the, bed so it could look a lot more better overall you have a very detailed stretcher, here it seems you got some inspiration from the real life (Stretcher) but if you didn’t then you. Still did a good job adding the small details to your creation overall, can’t wait to see what else you add to your hospital soon!


Very nice, although I do have some suggestions and concerns.

The Edges
As @Lv100DominusUltimus said, the handles and edges are somewhat painfull to look at, for not only the patient, but the doctor / nurse as well.

The Fabric (idk what else to call it)
As someone who rode their bike by an ambulance and caught a glimpse of someone on a stretcher, most stretchers have multiple layers of bedding and/or sheets, which I noticed your stretcher was lacking.

I didnt know what category to put this in, but here it is:


Theres some weird shading over here, I dont know if that was meant to be there, but it feels very out of place.

In conclusion, this is a very good stretcher. If this is meant to be in an abandoned hospital or something, though, then I looks great and ignore everything I said except for maybe the shading part.
:tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :bomb: :bomb: 8/10

-WalkingTalkingTopHat :tophat:


That has a lot of detail! Almost thought you were just posting some pictures of references :joy:. Really good stretcher, I’d give it an 8.

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Its perfect, it is crisp and very detailed :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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Hello there @K1mK1,

I like the meshes a lot. I really like the textures but I don’t like how the texture streches around the mesh.

Quick little information, these stretches were used in WW1 and WW2, mostly in European countries. This was used to carry injured soldiers to the tents.

I see that you are doing an old hospital style and I like that too. I have a little suggestion if you are gonna move the stretch you better seperate the wheels from the body part. If not I would suggest you to make the wheels face different directions .

I rate this 8 stars

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Looks pretty good,fits the theme well

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Stretcher look very good and realistic I really Like it!

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