Rate my Starter Characters that I will be using for my platformer game

So I was thinking that I should make a platformer game.

And I wanted you guys to rate my Starter Character. So do me a favor and let me know how they look.


Don't they just look so cute?

They look really funny and cute. I laughed a little bit!

The character has a great clothing colours but it seems like it may need more details also good work

I love the simple classic design to them, and yes they are quite adorable.

They look very derpy. I think the shoulders and the stomach are oversized, the man’s feet are too tall, and the faces are huge. Alongside that, the legs and arms are too skinny. I think they would look a lot better if these issues were fixed. I like you taking the effort to make your own humanoid though, props to that. Finally, I agree with the clothing choices but the man’s shoes look like they’re made out of gravel or graphite.

They look cool but - could you not use big text for everything, this is kinda annoying.

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I’ll try to cut down on the large text.