Rate my Tower Defence game map!

The third game I have been working on. Tower Insanity , formerly owned by somerandombaconvevo , who resigned around July or August. Every since , I have been putting my ideas into work in maps , towers , and enemies. It has been almost one year since this game was being worked on , still no hope of a scripter , but you can hire up though ( not recommended due to no payment , yet ) Anyways here is a map called “Classic Island” and I have based it off the infamous Grass Isle from TDS. With the word “Classic” in the name , I made it look like a normal map , just an island of grass , what do you think?!

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its good but at the same it sucks like
image ?
image why so small? and why it has no cool things?

The first image was meant to be like that

I forgot to add an Easter egg

It’s pretty basic and small. Needs more time. Other than that its good.

i see ok then!