Rate my training center

Sorry if this is the wrong place, please tell me if it is. Thanks for helping me

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Looks great so far!

I love the builds, but there are a few things I would change to this.


  • The build in the start is very long, and there are large amounts of space that are not needed, if you don’t like the idea of making the build smaller, then maybe add a few more things to it, like decoration.


  • I love all of the buildings you added, but overall size is something lots of builders struggle with. Again, details would be a great addition. For example, adding extra parts to the training center like a gun range, or something like that! Little details are very important!

[Also, the trees are great! Maybe add a couple in, or make a forest?]

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Hello! I think your training place is pretty good, though I do have some suggestions.
I think your map is a little empty (for example the area in the pic), You could maybe build more structures or add more trees/nature to these areas to make it more filled.
I also think the paths could be a little more decorated. Maybe by adding a fence to it or adding lamp posts.
Other than that I think your training structures are well built and overall the map is very nice.

can you show some picture’s please, i don’t join build’s right now,

Thanks, But i need the space to add more uniforms in future. But thank you!

Ok, ill remember next time. Sorry

Ok, i was adding a fighting area, so thats where ill put it. And i agree that the paths are kind of ugly

This is good. One thing to fix is this.

and maybe around the map add mountains or something as a barrier

Yeah, sorry about that. I made the whole obby for another gruop and its glitcged. I thought i had fixed it

The lack of details and building errors contribute heavily to the poor quality of this training center.

Building Errors
There are numerous gaps in the wall of the spawn building between the windows.

The roof is improperly aligned

I’d advise turning on increments when building in order to properly align the parts to prevent these gaps from forming

A lot of the props like these tents are “floating” above the ground.

Portions of the mountain are done improperly which create gaps between the hills

As seen here, the grass is clipping through the wooden plant holder

Overall, this is a poorly built training facility with room for a lot of improvements.
I’d advise practicing more before attempting to create a training facility for a group

Ok, i will practice building more. I also fixed these issues. Thanks for the help