Rate My UI And Lighting System!

I want to share a passion project I have been working on: a replica of the RuPaul’s Drag Race stage! Sor far I have the runway and pillars done. However, what I would like thoughts and feedback on is my UI! I made it in order to control the “lights” on the stage in a lot of different ways. Everything but the color and brightness sliders were made by me. The UI is still in progress, but I’d love to hear what you guys think and any ideas on what to add or improve!


It looks great!
However, you may change icons to more personal ones you’ve created and/or font-awesome ones. (white ones that you can change colors later on game) which will add more professionalism (I am not saying that you are not).
This is an idea, not a review! :smiley:

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You should not put your topic into “Scripting Support”, you should put that in “Creations feedback”, gui looks kinda great but you should make appear and disappear animation for “Lights Manager” gui

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Thank you! Yeah those icons were free and I used them because they had a similar theme going on but I don’t think they match the rest of the UI so I’m considering making my own. Thank you so much! :grin:

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Omg sorry I just noticed that… And I think that would be cool too, I still struggle with animating UIs because I run out of patience trying to get it right lol. But thank you! I will try that for sure. :smiley: