Rate my UI gamers

its for a plugin =)

  • Its epic.
  • Its nice.
  • Its bad ok? stop making topics where you show your crappy ui designs.

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It looks very nice!
It doesn’t seem too polished, you could edit a few things as:

  • making the Color of the buttons a bit lighter
  • I don’t know but there’s something that doesn’t feel right to me

And also, don’t vote the third option, you’re very good (better than me obviously)

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yea i just make the third option worse so people dont vote it lmao. And i did add gloss to it but its very light maybe ill try adding a bit more to it? thanks btw. and yea i know something doesnt feel right in it. I will ask my friend who also is a UI Designer. thanks again

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also I can not make button color lighter as I have tried it and it doesnt look good. at all

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