Rate my Upgraded Particle System

Well, I’ve made a custom particle system from scratch which supports spritesheets, physics, light emission, and other things; please consider rating in using the replies :slight_smile:


And yes, it will be released as a public module once I finish coding it.


If somebody is interested in looking at the source code, you can go to https://github.com/Rivangek/Photon (Consider this as a pre-release and not even judge it as a full product)

the right one looks better for games that have low pixel just need to fix the pixel a little
but the left one is good for making new games that is more realistic

I want to ask, you script for the blocked smoke right?

I want to ask, you script for the blocked smoke right?

Yes, I scripted it using my module.

That looks real good! I assume you already know this, but either way I recommend you looking into PartCache. This amazing module could either drastically increase the performance, or not do much at all. From my experience this works phenomally, though.

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hmm how did you made that? i think raycast

Check the GitHub of this project and look at the source code.