Rate of Premium Payouts

Hi Developers!
New to Forum, i wanted to know how premium payout works, and at what rate would i be getting robux when a premium player plays it
I have read it through discussions and i couldnt really get what was meant by playtime
Any ideas?


I believe this article explains everything related to it?


Yeah it helped me understand this but i am still confused over its rate of payout
or…is the rate isnt given out because of abuse?


It is nothing like that the more a premium subscriber plays the more is the pay there is no fixed rate

so on what basis is robux given?

I think he meant how much an estimate does a popular game make from premium payout

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yeah i want to know about that ratio

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last time I’ve checked, about 490K for a popular game. that does not mean ALL popular games get that much, some has less and some has more. it depends on how many premium members stays longer


Ohhh okay so most of them have an average of 400-500k

Only popular games earn these much.

Alvin Blox had made a game(Made in 7 days) he just earned 54 Robux from premium payouts.
You can drag premium players by giving special perks and discounts.

I made a game that only had 176 visits but I earned 1 Robux from premium payouts.


Hmm seems like premium payout are not a thing for small scale devs

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I worked with a pretty good simulator before like a month or so, and they were earning pretty good premium payouts, probably because they had extra perks for it & simulators are like once you start, you don’t feel like quitting the game.

So not all games will be earning the same amount of Robux from Premium Payouts, you see.

yup depends on the game mainly also how long you can keep premium players entertained

From what I know, premium payouts are updated every day. But they are given to you after 28 days, my friend played my cafe a couple of times, and he stayed there and I gained 254 Robux from him just being in the game for like 2 hours. So you get Robux every time someone that is premium plays your game, but they give you the Robux after 28 days. :sunglasses:

u mean if a premium player strays in my game for 2 hours i will be getting 254 rbx (pending)

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Maybe, maybe less he came back a couple times. And stayed again.

just staying afk in game does the job?

You can only be afk for 20 mins and that won’t get you any robux-
And, you can’t stay in your own game it doesnt work. Just post ads for your game and give them reason to want to stay- Like fun stuff around your game. And you will get people playing, and you will earn premium payouts.

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Thank you, that gives me the answer :smiley:

I don’t know, the rules are very weird. I should have gotten 5 robux from Premium Payouts by now according to the estimate but… nothing. Maybe the estimate is wrong, maybe mine is broken, but I don’t think there’s a fixed rate very much.