Rate on my custom particle system

I’m creating a custom particle system with the following features:

  • Trails
  • Sub-emitters
  • Spritesheets
  • Shadows :open_mouth: (May cause performance issues)
  • Collisions (Including the physics reply, like the bouncing)
  • Light point emission
  • Change EmissionRate time
  • Circular emission (Pending)

Most things added are based on this post.

VFX system update features

This is the preview

Why this post?

I’m looking for feedback and suggestions. So, post your awesome feature ideas for the custom particles (only if it’s possible with the current tools)

How I can use this?

This will be a free resource for the #resources:community-resources page once I finished it!


Good news!

I will be launching Particles+ in the next hours.


Wow, that looks great! My rate: 10/10

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Hi, i cant find the devforum post, can u post it here?

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I deleted the post as I canceled the project, but I will release a plugin version in the next days.

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Jeeez, never really seen much of this in games would love to see further development and usage in experiences!

Have you released this yet? What was the current state of the project before it was cancelled? Is there any hope at it getting picked back up? I’d seriously love to use this type of thing.

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I did but I canceled it and deleted the post, you still can find the documentation on my GitHub page, but I don’t recommend using it as there is no support for bugs.

There was a glitch that makes the particles look faster on higher framerates.

Yes! I learned a lot of things since I made this, but sadly a new system would only emit the objects and you would need to manage the effects, like the billboard, etc by yourself.

A new system would only manage the movement and emission shape, basically, you would need to attach the billboard, lights, trails, and the other things manually.


If you ever want to work on this again, Im pretty sure thats caused by using renderstepped, there are other methods of looping things like the dirty but quick while wait / while true or using heartbeat

Bumping this topic as I’m picking up the project again, I will release Photon Particle Library in the next weeks!


  • Better Performance, from 14% activity to 7% in extreme particle rates with the integration of Baked mode in movement.
  • Cleaned the unused wraps.
  • Revampled the syntax.
  • Using Attachments instead of BaseParts

New Features

  • Particle Image Layers
  • Better Collision Actor
  • Added every missing property from the original ParticleEmitter
  • Events in the particle
  • Movement Style
  • Emission Shapes
  • Emission Style
  • Emission Cycles


  • Release (Obviously)
  • Integrate juicy new features
  • Node editor maybe (Like “Niagara” system from Unreal Engine!)

Removed Features :frowning:

  • Trails (I will miss you)

Release Date

Still in development, probably early 2022.

This image will explain everything.