Rate some random builds I made!

I got some inspiration today so I thought I’d share it here!!

Supposed to be an underground cave that was for mining and such

This was from a project in December, It’s almost done?

Messed a bit with lighting in this one for fun

Sort of bunker thingy

not the best because I barely put more than 45 minutes in each build except for the desert town one.

I really like the first one! I think it would be cool if you added a little vegetation such as moss or a few shrubs or grass. (yes I know its underground but it might add to the scene a little) also you could add some old wooden post, or structures, or even some fog idk

The second one looks great to me!

I love the sunset on the third! maybe u could add some shrubs or grass or just something to add to the environment

I really like the last one too!

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Thank you for your advice!
There is some wooden posts in the cave images, you just got to look closely haha!