Rate / Test my difficult obby game

Hi Developers,

I’ve recently started creating a difficult obby game and need opinions on it. I’ve not done anything regarding design yet soo yeah don’t judge that.

Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3441186198/Justin-Limiteds-Place-Number-75

Please note that it’s not yet done and still in progress.
Thanks for helping me out!



please change this topic to #development-support for feedbacks for your game. This topic is for recruiting a development team. Also, don’t forget to read what all the categories for.


Right, I‘ll do it right now. Sorry about that.

This should be in #development-support:design-support as that’s more for the design of games.

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You’re definitely getting there. The difficult of this game I would say is medium, mainly because the only bit which got me the most was the thin rope.

Keep it up.


Thanks for your feedback, any idea on how to make it harder?

I played the game and couldn’t get past the conveyor part with the lava bricks on it. I would say add cuts in the rope so they have to jump on the rope. You could also make the lava jumps in the beginning disappear every once in a while.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will insert that into the game! :slight_smile:

You could make it harder by making the parts disappear every 3-4 seconds. This would definitely be a challenge.

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I’ll do that. Thank you so much for your help!

Hello, @Justin_Limited,I would rank the game in a “medium”, the jumps are a bit difficult at first sight, but with a few tries you can go without further difficulty, I hope you continue this project, I love obbies that are difficult, they give a certain challenge .
Oh, you’re going to make a game on this obby after? Like, when does it end, will it put details and etc?
if yes, I will love playing the game several times until I finish it when the project is finished!
keep up the good work, dude,you have talent!

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Alright, here’s my experience in this game:
The first part was jumping on 1 x 1 x 1 parts, which was easy. However, the ropes part was very difficult, and I left the game after I couldn’t go through the ropes.
Maybe make the ropes a little wider?

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Just played your game, and i gotta say it’s really good here is some of my suggestions.

My Suggestions

  • On the first level with, the lava bricks with the rope attach to it it’s very hard to get past it as seen below. As you walk on the rope you seem to glitch through it and sometimes, it will throw you off. I would suggest you make them bigger a little!

  • And on the the second level i would suggest. You add moving lava plates instead of having them normal on the part, as seen below it will look more better if you have the plates moving! instead of having the whole part move you…

  • Also i would suggest, you make the lava bricks and level plates a bit wider because they can’t really hold a lot of people on them. As well for the lava bricks!! i’ll fix those those parts a little more.




Keep up the, good work the obby is really hard and challenge.


The ropes are possible and they only kinda slide you at that size otherwise it would be too easy

Thanks for all the suggestions that I will take into consideration! There shouldn’t be anything to worry about “no space” as I will make the game so players are able to walk through each other.

Sorry, had to point that out first.

I did play your game, and I can confirm it is indeed, as the name suggests, super difficult.

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If it’s supposed to be stupidly difficult, it definitely meets that requirement. Only question is, what’s the purpose of this game? I don’t see how anyone could enjoy it.


Agreed. I did manage to complete it after some difficulty, but it was less fun and more endurance.

I found the first part with the ropes and 1x1x1 bricks very easy, and the second part with the conveyors fairly easy. The third part was pretty difficult and the fourth part was extremely difficult.

With regards to the last section tho, it’s not very fair since you have little to no way of timing your jumps - it’s essentially random chance, since you can’t see where the spinners are until you’re pretty much on top of them. I would redesign that section entirely.

It’s definitely difficult, but you might want to put in a small bit of work to make it more gratifying methinks.

Other small observations:

  • It’s really hard to see the red parts on top of the red ‘lava’ baseplate - consider improving the visibility of the parts.
  • You can walk on the walls of the last section, essentially bypassing all the obstacles.
  • It’s a bit short - consider extending it with additional stages.

It looks like the obby mirrors an inferno theme, which suits its incredible difficulty.

If possible I would like to see the setting become more cohesive. I find it strange if the lava appears to be floating in the air if the sky and lighting suit a certain theme. I would like it if the lava was surround by rocks or a setting that mimics a volcano.

I understand gameplay comes first, but it will certainly give players a different feel if the obby felt like an adventure.


I‘m making this game for professional obby players, that want a challenge for themselves. I‘ve let a friend test the game and she actually made it.