Rate the game (Game is kind of meant to be played with other people we dont have bots)

This is my first big project, outside of the other game I’m working on.

Rate it [⚔️] sword game - Roblox

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UI Placement needs a bit of work. Seems odd how some of it is hiding behind the chat
Screenshot 2024-03-27 224233

Also perhaps we could have settings such as toggling off Camera bobble and keybinds.

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The aesthetic of the game looks very good. The animations of the game are smooth and pleasant to look at. However, me and a friend of mine have found a couple problems with the game.

One thing that was annoying was that every time you died you would have to re-equip a weapon otherwise you would just go in without a weapon. If you were to make it so that it saves your previously equipped weapon, it would make the experience better because you would get back into fighting much quicker.

Another thing that seemed off was the balancing and feel of the weapons. The hammer which is a lower rarity than the crucible is actually way better than the crucible because the crucible deals 30 damage and the hammer deals 35 and seems to hit a lot more than the crucible. Some of the hitboxes also feel a little jank as sometimes you would be right in the face of somebody and you would deal no damage to them.

Some compensation for getting a duplicate sword would be also appreciated.

That’s all of our criticisms, hopefully you see this!


Thank you for the feedback, all these ideas are very realistic and doable.