Rate/criticize my UI Design

Hello folks.

Please rate my UI Design. It is an icon for 2x coins. I made it in about 10 mins. Nothing big.

I was just experimenting with some features I have never used. Thanks


It looks pretty cartoony, I think you could make it a little more detailed since its plain.

What exactly do you mean by detailed?

Like a little scuffed up or something.

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Good idea. Thanks

You could add shadows on the side of the UI and instead of making the background gradient, you could make it look like it’s old and worn out. (Same for the text).

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Keep in mind different art styles suit different needs- there’s nothing wrong with “cartoony”, plenty people like it. An alternate version where it looks a little roughed up would be nice just for comparison, though

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Thank you very much. The x is problem of the font. So I will try to find another one. Thanks

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