Rating on my new Minecraft Based game - Block Party

Hi all! I just released a game based on Minecraft’s Block Party, where you need to stand on the correct colours to proceed.

I know it doesn’t seem original, and I would like to introduce more elements to make it as original as possible, do you have any suggestions? :slight_smile:
Please let me know your comments below! Thank you very much!

It doesn’t seem like it has any minecraft structure? Also, you should upgrade your ui design, since it’s probably TextScaled which will make your counter look not stable and can change sizes when it changes from 10’s to 1’s. Aside from it, dont give that luffy guy admin commands, just give admin commands to your self and the developers who worked hard for it.

:skull_and_crossbones: I’ve never given anyone admin commands currently so he might be exploiting instead.

But for the TextScaled one I’ll try to find another solution to fix the UIs, thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

Sadly I had nobody else to play with. For the UIs, I would expect any currently open UIs to close when I opened a different one. I would also expect to be able to use the same button to close it again and not have to move to the “X” to close it. Yeah, I can be lazy.