Raven Rock remastered

So a few months ago I remade RavenRock but never posted it until now (same tree mesh is temporary will add a variety of different ones). Leave feedback if you would.


Is this that map from Roblox Battle? It looks great.

A brickbattle map from if I were to guess, 2012? I started on the remake a few months ago but had to stop due to school and sports hindering my online time.

To be honest, I think it could be a really great lobby.

wow man, this map is great not too clutter but just cluttered enough so it’s not bland. !
the only thing I would do is the atmosphere it’s way too dark.

Really good, but take down the blur a little bit

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This map is called Point Blank and it’s originally made in 2011 by some guy named TurboFusion. I accidentally found it a few days ago; here’s the link: Point Blank [un-copylocked] - Roblox

Wow this just brought back a wave of memories. Love it. Definitely would like to see some more trees!