Ray testing demo

My ski vacation is ending soon and I need your honest feedback on my game.

What’s your opinion on my game?
What could I change/make better?
What could I add?

Anything will help!

Game link:


There isn’t really anything to do yet, but I can see some potential. The gun has a pretty sleek design, and the turret thingy is pretty cool. But I’ve got a bit of advice for ya.

  • I would recommend making the character less tall compared to the NPC’s
  • Add some sound or recoil to the gun, and decrease how spammable it is by a tiny bit.
  • Try to make it so the after-effect (?) of a shot lasts a shorter period of time, or you just get left with some random lines sitting in the air.

    Things I like about it so far:
  • I like how the bullets make holes, and small amounts of blood come out from NPC’s.
  • I like the model of the gun.
  • I like how the shot from the turret thing bounces around.
    Anyway, I can see that the game has some decent potential, so great job! :smile:

Oh yeah, the player isn’t supposed to be like that it’s just a funny model for others to look at. There’s also sprint and super sprint

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