Raycast based laser gun isn't working due to Raycast not detecting a result

I am creating a raycast based laser gun system for fighter jets in space. Here’s what I want to do. I have an attachment for the gun itself and another attachment by default, 5000 studs away. I have a beam between both of those attachments. When the gun shoots, I fire the raycast from the gun’s worldposition to the other attachment’s worldposition. Ideally, this should intercept any parts detected. When something is hit, I move the other attachment’s worldposition to the hitposition. Then, I enable the beam for a split second. Therefore, the beam should always go 5000 studs when not hitting anything, and should hit from the gun to the hitposition. In reality, the raycast is not hitting anything and lasers go straight through.


local gunManager = {}

function gunManager.Shoot(plane)
	for _, v in pairs(plane.PrimaryPart:GetChildren()) do
		if v.Name == "LaserGun" then
			local origin = v.WorldPosition
			local destination = plane.PrimaryPart.LaserAtt.WorldPosition
			local direction = (destination - origin).Unit * 5000
			local RayResult = workspace:Raycast(origin, direction)
			if RayResult then
				plane.PrimaryPart.LaserAtt.WorldPosition = RayResult.Position
				print("Laser missed")
				plane.PrimaryPart.LaserAtt.Position = Vector3.new(-0.15, -0.5, -5007)

			plane.PrimaryPart.Beam.Enabled = true

			delay(0.1, function()
				plane.PrimaryPart.Beam.Enabled = false
				plane.PrimaryPart.LaserAtt.Position = Vector3.new(-0.15, -0.5, -5007)

return gunManager

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