Raycast hitbox animation issue (Rays are inaccurate)

This topic is related to this Module - Raycast hitbox 3.3

I made some animations using Moon Animator and implemented this module.

However, my rays are really inaccurate (I tested it without any animations and it worked just as fine).

I’m really confused because I don’t know whether this could be an animation problem or a coding problem.

You can take a look here: https://gyazo.com/38b5b123eaa9f5db50fc3ee9502618d0

Information: I used SetPoints for the rays but I’m 100% sure that my points are placed correctly

Hmm, is the raycasting done on the server? It seems like a replication issue with the animation. You’re animation probably isn’t playing properly on the server which is why you see the rays appearing in middair.

Yes, the raycasting is done on the server, the animation is done on the server as well (using the new animator)

It must be a replication issue with the animation then. Try checking if the animation is playing from the perspective of the server or another client.

I changed my animation system to the client but that didn’t work