Raycasting or sum not detecting a part in the middle in some random positions

So basically, watch this video : This fireball in CERTAIN POSITIONS Only phases through objects ( normally the ground ) and its def not cause of blacklists or anything like that. I need help figuring out why

Heres the video Demigod acesncion ( In dev ) - Roblox Studio 2023-02-27 23-09-03

Heres the raycasting part of the script

	local origin = Char.RightHand.Position
	local direction = (data.MousePos - origin).Unit
	local speed = Config.GodConfig.Hephaestus.Attacks.Fireball.Speed -- this is 150 

local function Raycasting(Object, origin, direction, speed,params )

	local Result = game.Workspace:Raycast(Object.Position,direction * speed,params)

	if Result then  
		Object.Position = Result.Position

		return true
		Object.Position = direction * speed + Object.Position 
		Object.Position = Object.Position + Vector3.new(0,-0.1,0)

		return false