RayIgnoreList Issue

Alright guys
So I have this script for some of the weapon systems in my game
and it uses the old method of raycasting (I didn’t really make it)
It’s located inside of the weapon tool
The issue is that sometimes when firing, the character ends up hurting himself
That could only be possible if the ray didn’t ignore it
So I’m not quite sure how to resolve this issue

Note: the ignoreList argument is “IgnoreListForGuns”.

Do you add Player.Character again every time he respawns?

You only get the list once at the time of initialization.

Is that intentional?

I seem to have located the issue. The issue was that the character was getting reloaded after being given the tools via a function called “LoadCharacter()”. This meant that I needed to insert a newer instance of the character into the table for the ignore list to recognise it.