RazorBladedino117 - Experienced Scripter

Updated Portfolio Here: [Open] RazorBladedino117 - Scripter, Modeler, & Builder


Hey Razor. I am not looking to hire you, but to see if I can get a mentor or someone to guide me and help me to get better at scripting? I’d say I’m an intermediate scripter, but I wanna better familiarize myself with core Lua and Roblox concepts. You seem like a very good scripter, so I’d appreciate it if you could mentor me or teach me more about scripting. Your profile can’t be found on discord*

*It works now

Your discord does not work when I tried it, it said could not be found

@RazorBladedino117 I PST#5440
It might be better if you just copy and paste it :slight_smile:

Or I’ll change my username real quick

I am copy and pasting I PST#5440 and it can not be found are you in the HD discord or roblox?

I could not find it. Maybe change the username?


I am on discord. I just changed my username.

Alright, I sent you the friend request

I was thinking the same thing. I sent a friend req on discord Poke Fan Club