RBA Mini Summer Intensive 2018

Hello all!

As you may know, this week from Thursday - Sunday the Royal Ballet Academy will be having a mini summer dance camp. What does this mean? Where will it be held? What will we do? All those questions are going to be answered here!


When will it be?

The intensive runs from June 28th - 31st and will be held every day from 3:30 PM EST - 6 PM EST. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make a day or two, or if the times are too inconvenient. I’ll be making a short highlight video so you won’t be missing out completely!

Where is it held?

The first day will be held at the classic Royal Ballet Academy. From day 2 on, however, we will travel to an island and continue the intensive there. This hasn’t been released yet, but the location will be opened after day 1.

What will we do?

We’re going to do a mix of minigames and choreography. You will learn an intricate piece choreographed by Bonnie and other various staff members, and then you will perform the full combination at the end of the intensive. The goal is to work together to make something unique and fun for everyone!

What dance styles will there be?

Of course, ballet- but this is summer and summer is all about having crazy fun. So it might not be the Ballet you’re expecting. Let’s just say, there’s a hybrid on its way. We think you’ll enjoy it :wink:

How do I sign up?

Since this is our first time doing this, we’re trying to keep it somewhat casual. No formal signups are needed, you can just bring yourself and your favorite Leotard :happy1:

Hope to see you all there! Watch the group shout or my Twitter for more information~

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