RBA Mini Summer Intensive Recap - DAY 1


Hi all!

Today was our first session of the RBA Mini Summer Intensive 2018 and the turnout (no pun intended) was fantastic!!! Thank you all SO MUCH for coming. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Here’s some information and a reminder of things you learned today:


Every day of the camp we will be learning choreography. At the end of the camp there will be a performance where you can show what you learned in this small amount of time! Here’s a recap of the first (super short) choreo we learned today so you can practice on your own time:

The (x2) next to a move indicates how many counts to hold it for.

Song: First Light - Lindsey Stirling (662778044)

Section 1 (8 counts):

  • Passe 1 (x2)
  • Passe 2 (x2)
  • Passe 1 (x2)
  • Passe 2 (x2)

Section 2 (16 counts):
Channe (x4)
Left Pirouette (x2)
Right Pirouette (x2)
Pas de Chat (x8)

Section 3:

  • Calypso (x2)

  • Calypso (x2)

  • A la second (x1)

  • Rght pirouette (x1)

  • Bow (x2)

    Recently I added a few keybindings to the classic RBA specifically for this camp! Soon, all animations will be bound to keys in the classic and new version, but for now, here is the map of keys to animations:
    THESE ARE THE NUMPADS FOUND ON PC KEYBOARDS- Not the numbers on the top, but the numpad (usually) on the right.
    [7] - First Position
    [8] - Second Position
    [9] - Third/Fourth Position
    [4] - Fifth Position
    [5] Pirouette
    [6] Channe


Tomorrow at 3:30 PM EST the island will open up for the camp. Please come dressed in your best beach/summer attire~ The link to the island will be shouted on the group when it’s open.


The official schedule can be found in-game on the island. All sessions start at 3:30 PM EST and go for about 2 hours, from June 29th - July 1st.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the island!


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