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Hello fans,

Due to immense bugs and free models causing this game to break, the game will be remade on the ground up, with new puzzles to solve, original sub-levels, a lot of secrets or easter eggs and more. There will be new levels, monsters, in the game, including an intro with an original storyline. We will get into the road map.

-== Road Map ==-

Stage 1: :yellow_circle: (42%)
Stage 2: :red_circle: (6%) [Just got started]
Intro: :red_circle: (0%)
Endings: :red_circle: (0%)
Entities/Beings: :red_circle: (5%)

-==The Stages==-

Stages, also known as Levels will be remade entirely. They will be more accurate with puzzles on each one. There will be sub-levels too, similar to the wikidot (The game is not based on the wikidot anyways). All the normal stages will remain the same, but Stage 2 will be a large hospital with concrete walls and floors and will be hard to complete.

-==The Entities==-
The Entities are going to remade too, but will all come into different forms with different behaviors. I have created some small concept art for some of them. They are also going to be a surprise, meaning that you’ll have to find out in the initial release.

-==Release date?==-
Well um… If you ask me then it’d be somewhere between late 2021 or early 2022 kinda, because I have school, a family and and a life.

so thats all