RBHL Rules and Update Log

Roblox Ball Hockey League Rules and Update Log. This Post will include everything you need to know about the League’s rules and keep up to date with arena updates (Only updates from before May 26th, 2021, 11:03pm will be added to this post)

Rules not done yet

  • Barrie Eagles
  • Cape Breton Blaze
  • Dallas Raiders
  • LA Lemonade Ducks
  • New Jersey Freeze
  • Toronto Blue Jays


League Rules
  1. There is to be no forms of toxicity towards anyone.

Depending on the rule, punishments are usually a small suspension to a league ban.

Punishment list

  • Game Ejection - Smallest punishment we give, only happens during game and you can not come back for the rest of the game. You will be put into the crowd and your team will be given a 5 minute penalty

  • 1 Game Suspension - Usually happens after ejections or a because of a incident during game. This means you can come to the game but you will not be put on your team.

  • 2-4 Game Suspension - This happens if the 1 Game Suspension isn’t enough. Happens with extreme toxicity and being a repeat offender of a rule. You are allowed to go to games but you will not be teamed until the suspension is over

  • 5-10 Game Suspension - This suspension is the 1st major one. This can be given out if there is a large incident, major spam/toxicity or you are using exploits that don’t affect gameplay. You can go to the games but won’t be teamed

  • Season Long Suspension - This suspension goes for the entire regular season, meaning you will no longer play that season unless your team makes the playoffs. You can go to the games but won’t be teamed

  • Season + Playoffs Suspension - This suspension lasts all through the season and the playoffs. Once you get this your season is over. You will not play another game until the next season

  • Game bans - This is the same as a suspension but you are not allowed to go to games until the ban is over. This can last for 1 Game up to a Season.

  • League Ban - This is one of the worst punishment. This means you are banned from playing in the league until your ban is lifted by a Commissioner. You will be allowed to go to game just never play. This includes pickups and playoffs

  • Complete League Ban - This means you are banned from the league. This also means you are not allowed to go to games in any arena.

Playoff Format

Updated Format soon

Arena Update Log

May 26th, 2021
  • Updated Start Game Command
  • Fixed ball, You can lift ball now
June 8th, 2021

Ball’s physics are a lot like MBHL now. (Few tweaks to be made)
Added more SFX including ball hitting boards
Tweaked Intros regarding how long they are
Removed old shift lock with the fixed one
Added players not being able to jump when they equip the hockey stick


How to give suggestions/feedback/bug reports

Tutorial on how to send feedback to us

  1. Join the arena

  2. Now if you look by the Khol’s admin logo you will see something that says “Feedback”. Click it
    image (1)

  3. Now a GUI will pop up that you can type in. In that, you put any suggestions/feedback you have

  4. Now when you finish putting it in, press “Submit”
    RobloxScreenShot20210527_000321956 (1)

We read every suggestion, bug report and feedback you give, do not be afrid to give us some!