RBLXWare - Version 1.2.7


Version 1.2.7
The newest update to RBLXWare is out. This update is a small update that fixes a few issues and adds a few new items into the game, though mostly just removes the Summer 2020 event.


  • Readded Ice Crusher
  • Added 2 new taunts (Happy Sappy, Crabby)
  • Added new victory theme (Goal & Score)
  • Added movable tag in shop


  • Fixed Casey being ignored by Taunt Music setting
  • Fixed Autojump being enabled
  • Fixed Sandtrap not requiring players to do the objective
  • Fixed zombies not being able to infect players
  • Fixed Interview controls on controller


  • Removed John Bomb
  • Removed Summer Event

General Changes

  • Increased volume of Bongos
  • Returned UI to normal


@raddoob, EPIC109791 - New Taunts
tailschannelita - New Victory Theme


This update officially marks the end of event bosses on RBLXWare. I’m glad all of you who’ve played throughout the years got to experience our creations that helped add a lot of character and memories of the events. As we move forward we are having less time to be able to drop everything we’re currently working on and spend time working on new event bosses. We figured having the final boss fight now would be fitting as Summer was the start of events on RBLXWare.

This event is my personal favourite RBLXWare event so far and I don’t think any future events we put out will top it. I believe the rollout and execution of this update went perfectly with a minimal amount of issues on the updates release. We’ve kept everything related to the Summer event secret between the developers until the last week before the planned release where we quickly built hype up for the update’s release by releasing a trailer that gave a glimpse of the new content included and also finally revealed to the public what the boss was going to be; the RBLXWare logo itself.

Moving forward we still plan on continuing updates for RBLXWare though as John Bomb said, the Summer boss was the final event boss. There will be no future event bosses though RBLXWare will still receive event updates putting more of a focus on the hunt aspects (candy/gift/egg hunts) of events. We are doing this because as we continue to work on new projects we start getting less time to create these massive events for our oldest game as the bosses often took months to prepare in advance with all of the assets & planning required to create one. We’ve had a blast over the years creating these and are glad you all got to experience these events.

It’s been love.