RBLXWare - Version 1.3.8


Version 1.3.8 (Summer Update)
This update marks the start of our Summer run and adds a handful of new & returning content!


  • Added 6 new minigames (Umbrella [Normal], Boardwalk Bustle [Boss], Grass Cutters [Boss], Pool Noodle Fight [Deathmatch], Bomb Drop [Normal], Runway [Normal])
  • Added new taunt (Still Surfer)
  • Added 2 new weapons (Blunderbuss, Pool Noodle)
  • Added new particle (Soap)
  • Added 2 new taunt effects (Tiki Flambeau, Deepsea Soaked)
  • Added new setting (Dark Chat Bubbles)
  • Added new shop category (Extra)
  • Added particle effect to Green Balloon
  • Readded Captain Bloxbeard
  • Readded Flameheart
  • Readded Firework Shop
  • Readded Hot Days
  • Readded Ice Cream Delivery
  • Readded Beach Cleanup
  • Readded Jump Rope


  • Fixed spawning with multiple bombs in Bomb Pass
  • Fixed shop curtains
  • Fixed Random Weapon Fight not including a cleanup
  • Fixed water transparency

General Changes

  • Re-enabled bubble chat
  • Updated Colour Pattern to use the same pattern for both players
  • Usernames will now display next to display names on players who use one
  • Updated Green Balloon Pop
  • Updated lobby to Summer
  • Updated UI to Summer colour scheme



Like we said at the start of the post, this marks the first update in our Summer run! RBLXWare was the first out of our 3 games as we have larger changes coming to Battleboards & Defend The Train that we need plenty of time for.

For the RBLXWare Event, all new event items are available for purchase in the shop with tokens like usual. Tokens can be earned by playing/winning the new & old event minigames. Flameheart & Captain Bloxbeard has also returned as voted by the community back in March & has been left relatively the same from when they were originally added!

Since the anniversary of the game’s final new boss is coming up next month, we figured we’d finally try and get John Bomb’s head uploaded onto the UGC catalog! We’re happy to announce that has happened and the John Bomb Head can be purchased for 55 Robux!

Huge thank you towards @AltiWyre & @dvdko for helping us get the hat uploaded onto the catalog!

This may also be purchased in-game through the new “Extra” category in the shop alongside any other existing or future RBLXWare related items!

This event will end on July 10th, 2021.


Version 1.3.8a
This patch fixes a few issues from the update’s release.


  • Fixed Bloxbeard rarely not cutting out of a long walk cycle(?)
  • Fixed Avoid the Shooter
  • Fixed John Bomb Head displaying incorrect price in shop
  • Fixed Runway adjusting the camera for AFK players
  • Fixed new minigames showing up in Grand Prix

General Changes

  • Decreased amount of loaded parts on Runway
  • Players will now stop shortly after passing all telegraphs on Runway
  • Slightly zoomed out camera on Runway


Changes available in new servers.


Version 1.3.8b
This patch fixes a few other issues from the update’s release.


  • Fixed Runway failing players who strike all poses
  • Fixed Runway rarely causing players to walk in the wrong direction
  • Fixed Pool Noodle being droppable
  • Fixed Hotdog being droppable
  • Fixed incorrectly being alive in Captain Bloxbeard
  • Fixed Umbrella being available in Grand Prix

General Changes

  • Improved loading on Bomb Drop(?)


Changes available in new servers.