RBLXWare - Version 1.4.4


Version 1.4.4
This update removes the previous update’s Halloween content and fixes a handful of issues.


  • Added clipping to Bomb Pass


  • Fixed temporary bans not being able to wrap past an end of a month
  • Fixed character body parts randomly being left lying around(?)
  • Fixed Stand in the Circle occasionally failing to register some players inside
  • Fixed shooter’s root part remaining anchored on Avoid the Shooter
  • Fixed lighting on Guess the Drawing
  • Fixed rarely being able to not be killed by the crusher in Find the Nearest Hole(?)
  • Fixed a few shop item descriptions


  • Removed Nekroa & Psyco
  • Removed Cauldron Defense
  • Removed Trick or Treat
  • Removed Gravestone Bash
  • Removed Scary Maze Game
  • Removed Monster Shop
  • Removed Pumpkin Patch

General Changes

  • Listed Halloween 2021 items off-sale
  • Reduced amount of immunity time from slipping on Checker Run from 2s > 0.5s
  • Reduced base time on Conveyor from 30s > 15s
  • Increased base conveyor belt speed on Conveyor from 28 > 40
  • Updated Barber Shop to have a randomized object layout
  • Updated Reversed to display the round counter backwards
  • Updated Robusters team name to match the minigame’s name
  • Updated Beartrap to use Red & Blue team colours
  • Updated UI to show display names
  • Restricted Barber Shop in Thrilling
  • Returned default bumpers to normal
  • Returned UI colour scheme to normal
  • Returned lobby to normal


The RBLXWare Halloween 2021 Event has now ended. Those who have purchased any of the items will still own them in their inventory. The next actual content updates for RBLXWare will be this Christmas and the 5th Anniversary Special which follows shortly after.


Version 1.4.4a
This patch fixes an issue that came from the latest update.


  • Fixed Dr. Fuzzy
  • Fixed Interview loading the Halloween skybox on cleanup
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