RBLXWare - Version 1.4.6


Version 1.4.6
This update removes the Christmas & Anniversary content alongside including a handful of fixes.


  • Added new taunt (Painted Crazy)
  • Added kill effect to Ice Gauntlet
  • Readded 2018 event minigames to VIP Servers


  • Fixed incorrectly winning Train Trouble
  • Fixed registry on Find the Gold
  • Fixed registry on Taco
  • Fixed being able to survive in the middle during Sand Trap
  • Fixed players influencing bullet position on Targets
  • Fixed being able to use certain taunts to complete Conveyor Maze
  • Fixed Ice Gauntlet’s spikes not being included on cleanup
  • Fixed bumpers playing at all during No Bumper
  • Fixed deathmatches not using display names
  • Fixed streak ends not being announced for users with display names
  • Fixed Frying Pan’s shop description


  • Removed Gift Hunt
  • Removed Fake Santa
  • Removed Sleigh Ride
  • Removed Gift Delivery
  • Removed Cold Days
  • Removed Penguin Rescue
  • Removed Christmas Thieves

General Changes

  • Updated Boogie Beam to just be score based
  • Returned lobby to normal
  • Returned UI colour scheme to normal



The Christmas 2021 Event has now ended! All gifts introduced from the event are no longer obtainable. If you own any wrapped gifts, you’ll be able to unwrap them at anytime as long as you have the tokens to do so.

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