RBLXWare - Version 1.4.7


Version 1.4.7
This update adds in a few new things with a couple of fixes.


  • Added new special round (Pop-Up)
  • Added new minigame (Grab the Drink [Normal])
  • Readded 2019 event minigames to VIP Servers


  • Fixed being able to be shot through the barrier on Take Cover
  • Fixed Don’t Stop Moving
  • Fixed floaties not appearing on character on King
  • Fixed dead characters rarely being able to stick around in the lobby(?)

General Changes

  • Updated Ring Skydive to randomize positions of the rings
  • Updated golden points tag to apply for everyone with the highest amount of points
  • Updated new server text for Arcade Mode



Small RBLXWare Update I decided to produce while I was waiting for some things to come in for Defend The Train. A couple songs that were intended for this update are missing and will be patched in as they come in.

For anyone experiencing minigame teleporting issues, I don’t think I am at fault for this. This exact thing has happened a few months ago where players are randomly chosen to not be teleported to minigames. I’m not sure why this is the case, but a few days after this was being experienced it was eventually fixed on it’s own which leads me to assume this is an issue on Roblox’s end.

In this video, I run a special version of the Pizza minigame that allows me to change the teleporting method when entering. I’ve ran tests using what RBLXWare currently does which is CFraming the HumanoidRootPart directly, then using PivotTo(), SetPrimaryPartCFrame(), and Move() on the character’s model.

Each method resulted in the same problem where the game acknowledges the current character’s root part exists, runs the line where it’s supposed to teleport them (even giving them the pizza box!) but doesn’t actually show they’ve been teleported. This was all entirely random without any consistent cause. Sometimes running the minigame would teleport everyone, other times it would only teleport a chunk of players.

Unless there’s something I’m doing wrong that I don’t know of, I don’t think I’ll be able to push any fix of my own.


Version 1.4.7a
This patch adds in a bandaid fix for the teleporting issues.


  • Added song for Grab the Drink
  • Readded 2020 event minigames to VIP Servers


  • Fixed randomly not being able to teleport to minigames(?)


  • Syashikunda - New Music


I’ve went ahead and released a bandaid fix for the random teleport issues with minigames. Why they stopped working for so long I still believe was on Roblox’s end but regardless, I’ve switched each and every single normal and deathmatch minigame to use a singular module for handling the actual teleporting part.

What happens now is the exact same as before though just on the client which isn’t practical in the slightest but for whatever reason just works. If this doesn’t do anything or causes more issues I’ll be able to quickly revert this change.

Apologies for letting this linger for so long, this has made me pretty de-motivated for any RBLXWare production.

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