RBLXWare - Version 1.4.8


Version 1.4.8
This update mainly serves to cover the audios affected by the Roblox update happening on March 22nd.


  • Readded 2021 event minigames to console


  • Fixed not being able to damage players at all on Cuddly Tomatoes
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to teleport to the Soccer minigame
  • Fixed noobs in Noob Count being jittery
  • Fixed unused test spawn point being visible in Pizza Delivery
  • Fixed Western Shootout not using display names


  • Removed secret intermission music
  • Removed Home Depot
  • Removed Funny

General Changes

  • Updated Bomb Drop to better indicate when you’re the dropper
  • Slowed minimum spawn rate cap on Noob Count
  • Spectate will now highlight who you’re currently viewing
  • Updated song used in Get to the Top
  • Updated song used in Pyramid Climb
  • Updated songs used in legacy content
  • Updated Frogger
  • Updated Gangnam Style’s music



Like it was said above, this update was put out to cover ourselves for the upcoming Roblox change to audios. If you aren’t up to speed or live under a rock, you can read more about that change here.

Most audios that were flagged mostly just required reuploads or permission to be used as nearly all audios in our games are uploaded to my personal account and not the group itself. A few hits were taken in the process with those being the following:

  • Marshmello Launcher
  • Lightsaber Idle
  • Summer 2020 Elevator Open
  • Rumbling Rocks Sound Effect
  • Shark Gun Reload Sound
  • Floss Remix [Community Made]
  • Get to the Top Remix [Community Made]
  • Danger Menu Theme [Community Made]

The ones lost so far were due to a copyright strike, an error, or because they couldn’t get past moderation on reupload.

We’re using this change to also go ahead and get rid of any lingering copyrighted music that stuck around after RBLXWare’s full release update. We’ve already done this with any legacy content that is only available through developer spawns or in VIP Servers. Any old boss song from before the Summer 2018 event has been replaced with Spongebob production music. Yeah, I didn’t think I’d be saying that in a sentence either. Fortunately though, any lingering main-game songs should be receiving a proper composition or remix in the future. I don’t know when but we’d get started on this once we have the time to.

On a bit of the flipside, the rest of the event boss minigames are now freely available in VIP Servers! We’ll be making the same change to Battleboards & Defend The Train in the near future. Stay tuned in the next few months though for some regular updates to come for the game. As we’re gonna be having a bit of a dry period for Defend the Train working on it’s larger updates, we’ll have a bit of time to push some regular content for our older games on the side.