RBXBolt - Roblox Group Management Solutions

  • RBXBolt is a Discord bot that provides features that allows you to power-up your Discord community with Roblox integrations. Nonetheless, we provide a music system for your server to be entertained, as well as a customer service system for you to answer your server member’s inquiries.

  • This bot was first created back then in 2018 to serve as a multi-purpose bot to a server called San International Air Lines. When people started to ask Sicken_L to make the bot public, he decided to work on the bot and optimize source codes, improve the design, fix bugs, and create a website with the dashboard as well. All of these were done within 2 years. Incredible ain’t it? With motivation and dedication, any work can be done at a quick time. You wouldn’t realize how fast that is!

  • Our goal is to bond the community by linking each server with our bot and produce a bot which will benefit everyone in the community from all aspects. No matter which type of server/ community we own, we will do our best in providing you with a satisfactory experience. However, to achieve that goal, we require all of our customers and clients to provide feedback.

@Sicken_L - Developer, Management, and Customer Support
@GamerWei_ALT - Business, Management, and Customer Support

Web Dashboard
  • Easily manage settings from the dashboard for server owners and administrators of the respective server.
Roblox Verification
  • Easily verify your Roblox account via a game or by a code on your profile.
Music System
  • Boost up the entertainment in your Discord server with the music system provided by us. With a great listening experience, your user won’t feel bored.
  • With the fun commands, you can have a great active community as they use the fun command with the bot.
  • You can view user info with the user info command and view tons of in-game information about them. The features include user, assets, developer products, and game passes.
Asset Binding
  • Connect to almost anything on Roblox to a Discord Role. T-Shirts, Shirts, Game passes, Badges, Group Ranks, and even DevForum Title. If the user meets the criteria, they will receive the role.

  • Excellent uptime! RBXBolt is online 99% of the time. When we’re done which is rare, we are usually working on maintenance which requires the bot to be restarted. This will usually last a few minutes.
  • We are loyal to our customers, whether you own our Premium Plan or not, we will listen to you. Customers’ experience is the key aspect of great service. Contact Sicken_L#8429 or GamerWei#3954 on Discord and shoot us some feedback in our DMs!
  • RBXBolt is safe and secured. We have not experienced any data breach before or any security risks yet. No one can bypass us, both of us team members of RBXBolt are close to each other. We have worked together on various projects in the Roblox Aviation community for our own groups.
  • We provide you with quality experience to the best of our knowledge, expertise, and experience. You can see RBXBolt being used in San International Air Lines, which is owned by GamerWei. RBXBolt is very important to SAL as it helps with auditing, verification, and server management.
  • RBXBolt focuses more on quality rather than quantity. We want the best for our customers, having bad quality service with lots of features is not an idea which we want. Slow and quality work is what the team prefers.
  • We have an automatic error tracking system to learn and discover new bugs along the way while users are using RBXBolt in their Discord servers. All errors will be logged for analysis purposes as well as to implement a fix for the discovered bugs.
  • We are friendly! Feel free to chat with us on Discord if you want to get along with us. We are online mostly on Discord. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Visit https://rbxbolt.com to learn more about RBXBolt solutions and invite RBXBolt to your Discord server!

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