RbxCloud - an easy solution for interacting with Roblox Open Cloud endpoints

more functions are coming soon
just wanted to release this tho

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Update 1.1.1


  • UniverseId error (previously, you needed to use UniverseID; documentation was incorrect)

Update 1.1.2 - fixed intellisense issues when referencing DataStoreService.GetDataStore()

1.1.3 released
intellisense is actually fixed this time

Thank you for this solution! I am currently working on game moderation discord bot and your Roblox Open Cloud wrapper will simplify my work!

I might make a system like that and open source it; been planning to do that for a while.

Either way, thank you for using RbxCloud!. I would also possibly look into this long polling module that could definitely assist you with what you’re planning to do.

perhaps you meant divided? Anyway, I don’t see how VSCode will hate modularity.

Saying that something doesn’t work as intended (bugs) without providing a repro steps or even a code snippet is ridiculous.

Just want to mention that I tried my best to be respectful as much as I can, and I will leave this discussions if you replied with something aggressive, I am trying to have a healthy discussion here.

i will say thank you for this reply. it is very helpful.
i also thought that you were sleitnick for a moment.

anyway the modularity thing is weird (still not sure why it didn’t work) but at the end of the day i just crammed it into one file and it worked!

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(post deleted by author)

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As far as I can remember, I had replied to someone asking what this is supposed to do, and I can’t see that reply. Though in my messages there isn’t anything related to a post like that getting flagged.

But there is a lot of evidence related to this. The links for each reply start from 4 instead of 2, meaning that 2 replies were deleted - Guess what these 2 can be! The person who asked that was the first and I was the second. Also, there is a jump from 7 to 12, that’s 4 missing posts!

Please correct me if there are any other possibilities, but that’s near impossible as far as I can see.

Criticism is needed, and you shouldn’t delete any. Nothing is perfect.

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posts were deleted yes
i only flagged one post created by awesome
others flagged other posts as far as im aware
i responded to a spam post or something as well and that was deleted

im aware criticism is needed, im perfectly ok with that, but i’m not ok with someone saying that X project has 100 bugs when it only has one bug, that was already fixed no less.
this is the entire reason why i flagged the post in the first place, it was stretching the amount of issues that it has - i will say again, the only issue that rbxcloud had was that intellisense didn’t work properly. even with intellisense being broken, rbxcloud still worked. every part of it.

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Thank you for making this. I am experimenting with it, and it works really well !
I have one problem though, the module errors if I try to call UpdateAsync with a key that has no data yet, as the module tries to read some properties of the keyInfo, which doesn’t exist yet. Strangely, the data seems to still save in the end, but it would be great to have this handled instead of manually getting and then setting. The error occurs at line 282 of the index.js file btw.

I’ll definitely be fixing UpdateAsync in the next update. I did also mention that it wouldn’t work if data didn’t already exist for that key.

Regardless, I’d estimate the next update for it would be in around a week.

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Any new updates? This works great. I used to use Daw588’s roblox.js module, however, after switching to a Command Handler for my bot, I can’t use his since it won’t allow require().

sorry i’ve been sick for the past two weeks and school has been piling up

i actually have the updateasync fix done but forgot to publish it lol. (i’ll publish it today or tomorrow, need to test it some more)

it’ll receive an update within the month, but i can’t guarantee it’ll be within the next week or so.

No worries, I am sick as well haha. Anyway, it works great for my use! Great work.

hope you get better! and thank you

Thank you, you as well.

Also one thing, I tried doing PublishAsync, however it doesn’t seem to be Publishing, at least to my game. The topic is just “T” however it doesn’t seem to receive the message in ROBLOX.

I’ve used another Open Cloud API program (Open Cloud Tools) to fire a message into the game, and it works so this isn’t a ROBLOX issue unfortunately.

wow I’m also sick

Anyways, nice (module I think?) I don’t web develop anymore, but I might use this in the future!

Could you DM me a snippet of your code?