RBXdev Users ROBLOX Usernames

The goal of this thread is to make sure we have a full list of all users on this forum, and their ROBLOX usernames. So we know who is who. That’s it.

Everyone is on it (unless they were missed).

It so happens that the list is also being used to help Christina know who should get the Developer Gift for free.

When I have the gift, you should also have the gift.

How do I save changes?

It’s automatic. We’re in the cloud.

Also, feel free to add usernames other than your own, if you are 100% sure it’s the correct spelling you are adding.

I did quite a few, I’m not sure whether to put HatHelper down as Alkan, considering his main is terminated.

Just filled in 200 or so users with their current usernames. Hope that goes a long way to helping.

We want active account Usernames, not terminated ones.

Also, thanks for putting in some names! :slight_smile:

Mine is now set up.

I’ve added a few, including (but not limited to):

(in case I added you and you’re like “what the heck who added me”)

Should we add usernames even if their last login was over a year ago? They’re not active but they might not be terminated?

My current list:

Me (FromLegoUniverse)
JacksSmirkingRevenge (Alan)
blockhaak (Andrew)
Khanovich (Khanovich)
omaraa (Omar)
FrozenTheFlux (frozentheflux)
LUBlasterBuilder (LUBlasterBuilder)
buddy249950 (Buddy)
cheatmaster18 (cheatmaster18)
ChiefJustus (ChiefJustus)
BrightEyes (Christina)
CodeTheorem (CodeTheorem)
cole7778 (cole778)
Keyrut (China)
Cracky4 (Cracky4)
DataBrain (Data)
DataStore (DataStore)
david.baszucki/Builderman (david.baszucki)
DevBonnie (DevB)
Diddleshot (Diddleshot)
dom2d2 (Dom)
DysfunctonalBrick (DysfunctonalBrick)
EchoReaper (Echo)
Gidein (Gidein)
Gorroth (Gorroth)
GuestCapone (GuestCapone)
iCruze (iCruze)
iMightBeLying (iMightBeLying)
Zephyred (Immi)
jackintheblox (jackintheblox)
DrJonJ (Jon)
Juriaan (Juriaan)
Kensai666 (Kensai666)
leates (leates)
TheLuaWeaver (LuaWeaver)
Nlighten (Luke)
MajorTom4321 (MajorTom4321)
masterbeyblade21 (masterbeyblade21)
mew903 (mew903)
MrChubbs (MrChubbs)
Nexx (Nexx)
NowDoTheHarlemShake (NowDoTheHarlemShake)
OnlyTwentyCharacters (OnlyTwentyCharacters)
Peaspod (Peaspod)
PiggyJingles (PiggyJingles)
ReeseMcBlox (ReeseMcBlox)
anon80475429 (anon80475429)
RoboYZ (RoboYZ)
Rolijok (Rolijok)
rootx (rootx)
Scottifly (Scott)
SimulatorsX (SimulatorsX)
NWSpace (SpaceK531)
PartConnect (devChris)
DoogleFox (DoogleFox)

Adding a whole bunch, covered a lot of admins too.

Myself (gkku)
stravant (thanks for catching that Lego)

Also I can’t find Max or ConvexRumbler on the sheet. If I’m just blind and someone else sees them, they’re maxvee and ConvexRumbler respectively.

EDIT: Might have been leaked, people are screwing around with it. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Mind locking columns F to AA? Someone said they were me and just wrote offensive stuff.

I added Persodian, and fixed loleris’(Someone thought it was funny to make his username “dropped from high school”…).

I noticed a lot of anonymous users on the document. That scares me… You should make sure nobody can access it unless they’re at the very least logged into an email.

Yeahhhhhhh, there’s a lot of innapropriate things going up…

I also fixed Stravant to stravant (sorry, but his Roblox user has no cap), and I changed David.Baszucki from “Your CEO!!” to “david.baszucki / Builderman”

Edit: Some changed Maelstronomer to “s***lord anime weeb”, fixed.

Is there an edit history to see what someone put in? There’s some really weird animals here xD

[quote] Is there an edit history to see what someone put in? There’s some really weird animals here xD


Those “Anonymous ***” users are people who have not logged in to Google and are in the document… There is a revision history under the File menu.

Well let’s scroll down…

lots of RBXDev users…

wh whoa lol that’s a lot of usernames

ipad is crashing…

aaaanddddd… THERES ME!