Rbxgameasset:// links broken for places opened today

Same thing is going on with mine to the point where I had to make it private until they fix the issue. And I had just upgraded the loading screen too.

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The fix has taken slightly longer than expected. We are still actively working on it and will keep you posted.


The fix is live! Any game which was affected should now be operational again. Please let us know if you have any issues.


A few scripts / images in my game are still broken.

But it’s relatively playable now.


There was a small time window during which any assets you created will not have been fixed. This is because we could not differentiate between assets uploaded with the Bulk Import feature (which incorrectly was not prefixing the linked asset name) with assets uploaded with this particular regression. Adding the correct prefixes would potentially break content created during this time window, which we want to avoid.

If you are affected, you may have to remove the nonfunctional assets from the Game Explorer and reupload them.


I’ve repaired the affected assets.

Luckily, it was only a total of 4 items that needed repairing.

Thank you guys for acting so quickly on this problem by the way. :slight_smile: