Rbxgameasset:// links broken for places opened today

Hello developers,

We have enabled a feature flag today at 17:22 PM (PST), that intended to fix an issue with renaming resources in Game Explorer. Instead, it inadvertently caused Studio to take every named asset you have in your game (including LinkedSource scripts and images), rename it by stripping the prefix (Scripts/ or Images/) away, and renaming this asset in the web database without changing any references in the place file or keeping the original name with the prefix valid.

As a result, any place in that universe, when opened in Studio, would break existing references to these assets.

We have disabled this feature flag at 20:23 PM (PST) - however, places that were opened in this 3-hour window still have broken aliases in the database. We’re investigating the best way for us or you to repair the data and will follow up shortly. Please note that the removal of the prefix was NOT intended, and we don’t recommend updating the links to use prefix-less assets since that might break if we repair this.

We will have more information on this ASAP.


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So for clarification: this will not affect games which renamed their resources before this update and those that were uploaded during this time period will have to use the provided solution to fix such? As well, with the flag disabled, are we in the clear right now to be renaming resources or should we be waiting for a fix?

If you haven’t opened Studio in this 3-hour window, you’re safe. No universes that didn’t have a place opened in that window are affected. There’s no ongoing problem either - you can open Studio and work on your places.

If you have opened Studio in that window and have opened some places in it, they would have data on our backend updated with incorrect names. We’re investigating the best way for us to fix this.

We do not recommend to rename the references by removing the Script/ prefix - since we are trying to repair this automatically, renaming references would just cause them to break again when we repair the data on the backend.


What if we revert to an earlier save and publish from there, would that undo the effect?

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Unfortunately, no - the issue isn’t that the references in your place file are wrong - they are correct. The issue is the the asset aliases themselves are now broken - the asset isn’t reachable through the old link anymore. Reverting the place file would not do anything.


All of the LinkedSources and images within my game are currently rbxassetid://script_or_image_name_here

Will this be automatically fixed soon?

I was working on my game when this issue occurred - so I inadvertently trashed my game by accident.

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Just to clarify, did you mean rbxgameasset://?

We’re trying to find a solution that would safely fix all affected aliases but there are some complications. We’re separately looking at whether we can help developers fix the problem themselves without reuploading every affected asset. We’ll post updated information to this thread.

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Yeah, I meant that, but I’m bad about remembering that tbh.

Wouldn’t it be possible to simply reactivate the bug, but have the directory be changed to rbxgameasset://scripts/asset? I mean, it’s a silly idea, but it may work.

Of course, it would break any games that have updated their game to the “new” system.

But yes, all of my scripts and images have been replaced with rbxgameasset://

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Is that what’s causing this to occur?


Yes - that’s the same issue.


thank you! Hope this is fixed soon because my game is currently crippled


Still no update :frowning:. Sad, this pretty much makes a lot of games completely non-functional.

Vesteria usually has 3 to 4 hundred users at a time, now:


And those two people are staring at a blank screen. Any ETA or small update on any progress?


Quick update:

Apologies for the delay, this requires a larger fix from our end. Engineers will be providing more information later in the day.

Please stay tuned and again apologies for the inconvenience caused by it.


Just to clarify, this happens if you opened the place last night no matter what? Because I opened a place around the start of that time frame and the assets seemed to be working.

If you’ve opened the place before that or if you had Studio opened before that, then you’re safe. Basically if nothing has happened yet, nothing will - no ongoing damage.

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I suppose it’s slightly beneficial that most of my code is either within modules or manually copied. I don’t use the in-studio upload feature too often so I lack any scripts using LinkedSource or any assets in general.

While a fix is ongoing, I think that using modules or packages would be a suitable alternative. That is, if packages aren’t affected by this update either.

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Mistakes happen, thanks for the ‘our bad’!

Only a handful of my assets were affected. I thought that if I deleted them from the project and re-added them that would fix things but it doesn’t seem to have. Any guidance? I don’t particularly want to wait - being tested for featuring purposes today!


If you really, really need it to just work right now and it’s just images, you can go to the Game Explorer, right click the image, and click “Copy ID to Clipboard.” That should give you an rbxassetid:// URL that you can use instead.

This will continue to work regardless of the status of the asset naming issue, so you won’t have to unbreak your stuff again. You can always switch things back after if you prefer to use the human-friendly names.

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Just an update on this situation – we are actively working on a solution which will repair all affected games which we are hoping to release before end of day.

This sort of outage is unacceptable and we will provide more details about why this happened and how we will prevent similar issues from happening in the future.