Rbxgameasset's Meshes Load Issue

So I’ve used rbxgameasset:// to protect my experience’s assets and I’ve wanted to do so with meshes (rbxgameasset://Meshes/MESHNAME). But there’s a problem I’ve been having to make that possible.

I’ll be using one of my older projects as an example.

I made sure that the mesh was an asset in the experience:

Attempt #1:
When I set the meshId to, It refuses to set the meshid to that.

Attempt #2:
I even tried with SpecialMeshes and see If it’ll do something different, but with no luck.

Not sure if this Is a bug or not, Images and Audio work with this url.
All help is appreciated!

if you right click the Naranja in asset manager doesn’t it show the ID that you are supposed to insert?

I’m not aware of roblox allowing developers to input the names of the meshes as the ID (I could be wrong)

It does, but I wanted to use the rbxgameasset:// since I’m working on a big project that includes meshes. It can make it so that players won’t be able to get the ID of the mesh to avoid any asset theft.

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