Rbxm files stretching my meshes?

First time encountering this issue and I don’t have a clue on how to combat this. Why is it doing this???

Perhaps Studio doesn’t register the location data of the meshparts properly because of it’s small size. Would you be willing to share the file so i can check it out?


Pretty odd. When i try to scale the tie it shoots up in size and i’m no longer able to scale it down. There don’t appear to be any issues with importing the rbxm when it’s bigger though.

I think the problem is caused by the nose, mouth and eyes. I believe Studio has a limit to how thin or small a model is allowed to be (0.01 studs i think?). Because you somehow got below that threshold, roblox scales the thickness of those parts up when you export it as rbxm.

If you made the tie a single mesh, i believe this issue will be fixed. You can give the mesh multiple colors through vertex painting or by using textures.

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Hmm ok, very strange that it’s only on my end.

The mesh needs to be customization by player, so I can’t work with textures. Thanks for taking a look at it though.

I have the distortion on my end when the bowtie is small, but when the tie is bigger and above the minimum width threshold, the issue no longer persists.

Did you use the multi-import function when you added the mesh files? Usually when you import a single mesh below the allowed thickness it scales it up on that axis.

Yes, I did. Maybe that’s why my meshes are rescaling when saved as rbxm?

In that case i think there’s a bug in the multi-import feature that allows meshes to be imported below the compatible scale.


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