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I’ve been working to create a bot/website that will make playing with your Discord community easier than ever.

RbxServerList allows members of your Discord to “donate” their private servers to your community. The bot keeps an updated list of private servers along with their player counts, and also allows you to set your own limits on how many people can join from the list.

The Discord bot keeps a list in the #private-servers channel in your Discord, as well as an online version where users can also donate their servers.


Donating servers is easy - all your community members have to do is paste the invite link and invite our bot in the Private Server settings. Three times a minute, every server’s availability and player count is checked, and the list is updated.

An online version of the list is also maintained where users can donate servers and set player limits.

You can see this demo in action at http://rbx.paric.xyz/789169121908621402/. Try joining the private servers on the list - player counts should update within 30 seconds.


  • Host specific Roblox game in your Discord server
  • Private Servers are verified by the bot - no fake or broken links
  • Updated Private Server List - Player counts are updated every 20 seconds.
  • Donate on Your Own Terms - Set a custom player limit when you donate a server, so you’ll always have some extra space.
  • Web Server List - Your Discord gets its own web page where you can share the server list, donate servers, and manage bot/server settings.
    • Access private server lists of all your guilds from home page

Future Potential/Not Yet Implemented

  • Host servers from variety of games
  • Server donor roles

Add Bot to Discord

Visit http://rbx.paric.xyz to add the bot to your Discord. You must have manage server permissions in the guild you’re trying to set the bot up for.

If you have any issues, please join the support Discord: https://discord.gg/cNGA8u2fVw and let me know!
Please remember this is the first official release of this bot. If you encounter any issues please let me know in the Discord, and please patient :slight_smile:


Usage Screenshots

Donating a private server through the website:

Managing a private server you submitted:

Admin panel:

More settings will appear here as more features become available.


This seems pretty well made, how does it teleport players to the private server from the client with the link (assuming that the screenshots provided were taken inside the client)

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The website version of the list and the Discord list actually both just use private server invite links! When you submit your private server you are essentially just submitting the link to join the server, inviting the rbxserverlist bot is only necessary to keep track of the player count.

While you could just keep your own list of private server links, the intent of this is to automate the process of verifying private servers and ensuring they stay active, as well as providing useful player counts.

This is a great discord add-on. My suggestion is that for every Private server added, it would create a text channel and/or Voice Channel for that Private server. This is great for inviting friends and community members to play and talk (using Voice Chat).