rCereal | Composer Portfolio (AFFORDABLE) [OPEN FOR HIRE]

Hi! My name is Cereal. To put it short, I’m a musical composer for any of your needs. Before we get to prices and payment methods, allow me to show you some things I’ve wrote and recorded! Both were for a game called ‘Submersible’ that currently is no longer in development, however I am still working with the developer for their new project! Enjoy my OST.



I also have a WIP composition for said new project, give it a listen! (IT’S CURRENTLY AS OF TYPING THIS A WIP PLAY THEIR GAME WHEN RELEASED TO LISTEN!)

’Sand’ !!WIP!!


Prices really do vary based on how many and how long of a composition you need/want. They will be discussed in messages!*

  • I will stay under R$5,000; again it varies on length and quantity.

  • Preferred payment method is Group Funds

  • I can be contacted here, or on Discord. Contacting on Discord will get you a response way faster than if you were to contact me on here.
  • Cereal#1863