RDC 2021 Speaker Survey Topic

I was not asking you for your opinion. I am simply leaving my Opinion for this post.


And I’d like to watch UGC creators in the program as well :smiley:


giving what’s been going on lately…

I would wait a few months and see then

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One thing that I would REALLY like to talk about, and I’m sure I’m speaking for the whole developing community when I say this, is Dev Codes.

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I think they might do part in person and part virtual. Virtual does save a lot of money but who knows. RDC isn’t for another 9ish months.

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It would be great to talk about the CSG system of Roblox aka Unions and the performance issues.

The CSG system of Roblox is really inefficient. Even though we have the option to use meshes (which is really amazing) it’s not possible all the time.

As for the performance issues, it’s really hard to make moderately detailed maps without lag. It’s to a point where it feels like we have to give up our basic visual quality for the sake of performance.

In my opinion, it would be amazing if these are spoken about and discussed at RDC.


I really hope localization becomes a topic in the RDC 2021, I’m afraid of not being able to keep doing what I love on this platform due to automatic translation!

  1. The number one priority is the security issues at Roblox, many accounts are getting hacked and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    • Make long complex passwords
    • Make your email addresses hard to guess and make sure your private info is not shown to public
    • I also log out of my Roblox account whenever I’m not using it, to avoid getting cookie logged

• Make the pin thing a requirement that involves anything with robux and any other crucial actions (ex: payouts, buying anything, trading)
• Only allow the creators IP Address to be logged on (aka the discord way)
• Sometimes hackers put their email into a Roblox account and when I tried to contact support, they said they couldn’t remove it - so looks be able to add notes or remove it from the accounts history
• Add an accounts activity log, like everything you do and the login history which includes what devices, time, location
• Add a email support verification system, because these days people are constantly getting social engineered, so yea like add a passcode or a question that must be answered correctly for the support ticket to be received
• Increase the pin thing from 4-10
• use google Authenticator

  1. Moderation
    As a Roblox player that joined in 2017, moderation has been a big issue. Moderators surprisingly accept pictures of peoples face onto the Roblox platform. (Aka mine)

•Take players report more seriously
• Whenever a use receives a minor warning, have the ability for it to be completly wiped from the players account if they proofed that they have learned there lesson
• Be able to contact delete your own assets you own

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