RDC 2021 Speaker Survey Topic

Hey developers,

Can you believe that this year’s RDC happened not 1, not 2, but 3 whole entire months ago?! Wild, right?

Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s turn our attention towards RDC 2021!

We start planning for the following year’s conference almost immediately after an RDC ends, and this year is no exception. We’re looking to get your ideas for topics our speakers should talk about at the next RDC!

Please fill out this survey by November 5th 2020 to let us know what you’re interested in hearing about at RDC 2021: https://survey.roblox.com/s3/RDC-2021-Speaker-Topics

See you soon?




Is this online or in real life? Excuse me if the question is stupid, I’m a bit tired. I just woke up.


How much RDCs are happening in 2021?


This probably isn’t known at this time.

This is just a poll about what topics people would like to see talked about at RDC 2021.


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This year was great for Roblox, many updates came out, 2020 RDC was great too, but sadly it was held online due to coronavirus.
I hope performance optimization will be discussed in the 2021 RDC, I really struggle to make detailed Builds with no lag.


All of those topics sound very interesting but sadly RDC isn’t long enough for those. Well unless :eyes:

There was a talk about it by @Aotrou this year. You should watch it and see if it’d help.


It would be really cool to see GFX Designers and/or Clothing Designers speaking at RDC.

While they aren’t out on the front lines making games, they are still a large part of Roblox, as developers.


One most likely, which is what has happened for every year prior.

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I would love to see actual moderation system revamp discussions. This has been long overdue and should be addressed so that Roblox can keep up-to-date with the current time of technology and moderation.


I would be truly interested in attending a talk regarding localization, I also feel it would be a great topic to talk about with other developers, as it will make them realize how relevant and undervalued is localization nowadays.


Roblox seems to be in a really awkward position with third party tools. It’s like they are a necessary evil to them. I’d like to see the perspective internally on this philosophy, as over my time developing on Roblox I have seen Roblox make great leaps and great mistakes when it comes to handling this intricate balance

Third party tools are a huge part of development, especially among top developers. Internally, are they accepting of this? Or are they going to fight it with in-house tools in every variety? These are the dramatic discussions I’d love to see! :heart_eyes:


There are so many small communities that Roblox doesn’t notice and have not noticed for Years. Like the Theme Park community, players like theme parks. Why not make a sort for Theme Park related games instead of making sorts that are not necessary.


Moderation improvement and scam prevention.


Give some love to UI designers, please.


Depends if Covid is disappearing anytime soon


Definitely hoping for discussion about account security! It’s been a major issue around the ROBLOX community, and we would definitely love to see some form of mobile authenticator to keep our accounts safe, if they aren’t going for that route, I would still love to hear about what they are testing around with to give us developer reassurance when we go offline for the night.


I am interested in speaking, this would be my dream. Best of luck to all who apply!

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I am interested in hearing about rendering a physics that plays a huge role. I am applying for RDC, this is amazing, I love it!

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Im interested in any showcases/updates of Dynamic Skies/Clouds and how much us Developers can tweak them.

Anything FIB or any additions to PBR materials aswell!