RDC 2021: Submit Your Questions for the Q&A Panels!


Hi developers!

As you all know RDC 21 is right around the corner! That means it’s time to start gathering questions for the live Q&A panels.

Below is a link to the Q&A panel survey. In the survey there is space to write all your questions for Dave, the Roblox Staff Panel, and the Roblox Developer Panel. If you have any questions you’re dying to know the answer to, this is the time to ask!

We will need all your questions submitted no later than September 29, 2021


Thank you and see you soon!

Developer Relations


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Yeah, I have a question


This will be interesting to see. I really hope Dave can answer a lot.


Why didn’t I get invited again?

Actual question: What are we going to see with VoiceChat’s developer api as it slowly rolls out for use by developers.

yes i realise now it has a link shut up im dumb


I have an answer

it’s in my thoughts


Nice, the post is here! May I ask how many questions you’ll be answering?

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Sadly wasn’t invited this year but that’s okay! Can’t wait to see what questions they’ll be answering this year! :slight_smile:


Has there been any thought on adding Sound Modifers to audio, or just adding some features that could help improve audio overall?

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Are there any plans the Robloc Staff got to improve the ads moderation and issues related to moderated assets like clothes? (Some of the issues being people losing robux because the shirt they bought has been moderated, clothes being taken as illegal even though they doesnt seem to have any wrong things, nsfw clothes and things like that).

By the way, there is another question: Are there any plans for asset moderation rules changing or making it more clear? For example, ads can be moderated if there id the Play button on it and it falls under the clickbait rule, however, its not clear on the rules thats a clickbait (remember that even though we should know what a clickbait truly is, this still is a place where kids are able to develop and therefore even though some of us, adolescents, knows about that and adults too, most of the kids and even us adolescents do not know about it).

Lastly: What are Roblox Staff plans to prevent scams on the Talent Hub?


Had a few great questions on developing and the future of ROBLOX hopefully they get picked this Q&A Panel! :slight_smile:

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READY! I hope my questions are answered, I have waited a year for this. :grin:

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I really hope my questions get answered that would be poggers

I can’t wait to find out Dave’s favourite music!

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this is amazing! super excited

When will you be allowing UGC creators to create limited items as well as event items?

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Q1) Can you allow developers to configure the order of badges for their experiences?
Q2) If you have won a badge on an experience, could you have a way for the player to know they have won the badge when they search through the badge section for that experience? An example could be that the badge background goes green with a small tick or it states the date when you won the badge.

A bit late, but maybe someone will see my questions. :eyes:

That would completely break the limiteds market if UGC creators were able to make limiteds.

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Adding onto what @Coder_Tom said… lets say someone just took a dominus and removed it’s “feathers” and replaced them with like swords then uploaded it as “Dominus Gladius” as a limited … it would completely break the idea of limiteds all together as people could upload ridiculous items such as just characters of themselves or friends and make it a limited where there is only 1-2 copies and they trade it with their friend… it’d be “free” limiteds for the UGC creator and anyone else who gets it.

So shortly stated… bad idea.