RDC 2023: Submit Your Question to Builderman!

Hi Developers!

RDC 2023 is right around the corner, and as usual, we will be asking Builderman some of your most interesting questions.

That said, please fill out this form with any questions you may have. We will be closing this form on August 25th, 2023 at 12 AM PST / 3 PM EST, so don’t miss it!

Developer Relations


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Will I be able to watch the Builderman Q&A after the event is over? Will I have to sign up for the RDC to do this?


Wow, it’s cool! Can we see Q&A online?


Do we say yes if we are attending the virtual rdc sessions?


Not to come across as snarky, but why should I take the time to fill out this form when I know none of the serious questions developers submit will be used? None of them were used last year, most of the questions were curated and used for positive marketing.

If Roblox’s genuine intent is to answer important developer questions, they should bring back the “walk up microphone” that was present at RDC 2018 and RDC 2019, as well as RDC 2021 where devrel was present to filter questions. Roblox’s recent AMA demonstrated that most replies won’t really answer anything, and that this is just for marketing to get nice footage for a sizzle reel.


Many questions I have, but I can only ask one. It makes sense of course. None of my questions would be fit for investor calls either.

Search & Discovery, moderation, lack of transparency with various teams at Roblox, etc.

Anyhow, interested to see what all gets answered.


The first question should emphasise where it’s talking about the physical location, virtual viewing or, probably, both.


Will we have an easier way to contact record labels? It would be great to have artists like Taylor Swift performing or hosting a concert on the platform, knowing how big The Eras Tour currently is. Would also boost the Roblox economy itself by a lot as well.


Can this event be with live questions so the communication is more authentic and timely?

Last year’s Q&A felt a little underwhelming and had some personal questions that weren’t really insightful, due to the fact the questions were carefully pre-selected.


To reinforce this point, note that the Investor Day had a traditional, authentic, live Q&A session: https://www.youtube.com/live/KXGJ5lMaqSM?feature=share&t=12162

Now I understand Roblox creators span a wider range of maturity so there’s a chance of more explosive questions. It’s okay if some staff member is at the mic vetting the questions before they’re asked or maybe have people pre-clear a question being okay to ask in front of a live audience.

But I think if we are comfortable having live Q&A with investors, I don’t see why we can’t have that for creators as well!


What is Roblox doing in order to make sure being unique and original is rewarded within the workspace?


Just filled this!

My question: Once Public UGC come out, will everyone will be able to upload Collectible items? If yes, then what will happen to UGC program?


i’m already done filling this up

Will there ever be an Animation UGC Market?


why bother, when youre not going to answer the questions that actually matter?
i.e.; “how do you plan to improve discoverability of smaller developers” or “are there any plans to support smaller developers?”


I’ve sent mine, but i’m putting it here just in-case:

Will you guys ever add South American servers? The ping is okay here in Brazil (100+ ms), but i feel like it should be lower. In a game like COD Mobile, i get 25+ or 60+ or lower ms. (haven’t played it in a while)
To add, roblox is pretty big here.


I submitted my question as well, I wonder why people ask questions here.
But I’ll quote what I asked.

How do you feel about Roblox’ constant changes, trying out new art and avatar styles and the evolution of R6 and R15 rigs?


For those interested in other’s questions, this is mine.

At the moment, Roblox’s experience diversity is stale. There are very few genres that manage to earn their spot in the front page, which is, at the moment, the only way to reliably find games in the platform. What sort of features does Roblox plan to add, not only to increase the chance for the new developers to find their place, but to help their users find new and more diverse experiences?


Filled it in! My question was:

“Once everyone has permissions to upload their own items onto the Marketplace, will the moderation system monitor these items better than before?”


I think they will stream in on youtube. https://youtube.com/roblox