RDC 2024 - Register today!

finnallyyyy :smiley: i receveid iinvite guys i am so happy its the first time for me :3 my first RDC ;3


Even though I wasn’t invited, I will still be watching all the keynotes and see what is coming up! And of course, I will be watching the Innovation Awards!

There will be more waves of invites!


Where do you sign up virtually? Was it in the “Save the Date: RDC 2024” Forum, if so then I’m good.

This is the year! Wishes to everyone looking forward to RDC this year! Once again another successful year for Roblox


woo hoo so excited to go again can’t wait to see y’all in September I just got my tickets

I’d honestly be happy if I even got that from Roblox lol


How do I even go to RDC? Do I have to get invited or do I have to send in an application or something?

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You gotta get a invite in pretty sure according to the OP

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It’s nice for the greatest award show to come back, looking forward to RDC24!

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If they stopped handing invites out, then I guess I wasn’t invited.

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