RDC 2024 - Register today!


Exciting news - Registration for RDC 2024 is now open!

Select creators, brand partners, and influencers will receive an email with a registration link and all the details needed to attend RDC in person or virtually. If you don’t receive an invite right away - Don’t fret! Emails will be sent over the coming weeks.

Please note: This email will be sent from rdcregistration@fntech.com.

ICYMI, RDC 24 will take place on September 6 - 7 in San Jose and promises to be two incredible days of inspiration, learning, and networking with creators from around the world. However, registration will close once we reach capacity, so make sure you act fast to secure your attendance.

That’s not all! Following the conference, we are excited to announce the Roblox Innovation Awards 2024. The RIA’s will highlight and celebrate those who continue to push the boundaries on Roblox! There will also be an array of delectable appetizers, along with an exclusive afterparty where you can connect with fellow nominees and the lucky winners. Dress to impress! :man_dancing::dancer:

Visit our website to find more information about this year’s events.

Note: We understand that some of you may have gotten an email with the incorrect username. This has been resolved and we apologize for any confusion. Please stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to September!

See you soon :raised_hands:


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Although I’m not on the registered list and it probably isn’t my problem, I really hope Roblox will take necessary precautions to prevent another RDC23 from happening again. (for context: there was a threat near the building)

I’m excited to see what comes, last year’s event looked amazing on video and I wish the best to all developers and administrators working to bring this to San Jose.



Cant wait! Excited to see what you have planned for us all! #RDC24

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maybe this year? i dont know why im even trying lol.


Previous RDC had a lot of interesting and amazing announcements shown throughout it so I cannot wait to see what features, updates, and ideas the Roblox has cooked up and are set to reveal. RDC2023 also looked amazing, will be interesting to see what the place will look like now that its being held at the San Jose Convention Center.

Best to luck for anyone registering!

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I probably won’t get invited like the last 5 years of development, but it’s just life I guess.


No invite this round :frowning: , surely got to keep my invite streak from 2015! Last 3 person RDCs I been to been great though!


Why should I?
Who are you to tell me what to do?

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I really hope one day to attend.


RDC, RDC, RDC!!! Super exciting and I can’t wait to see everyone again :slight_smile:


will be seeing you guys there!


So excited! Can’t wait to see the new venue :tada:

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Woohoo! Super excited again for RDC this year! Can’t wait to see everyone again as well as the new venue! :smiley:

I’m hyped! Can’t wait to see this year’s announcements and venue!

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To clarify, the process for this is 1. get an email with a ticket and then 2. register with that ticket? And, if you do not receive an email with a ticket, you cannot register, correct?

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I’m so hyped! I can’t wait to see everyone! <3

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Can’t wait to see everyone and hear about new things coming to Roblox, and the innovation awards!

Which game have you published with a few thousand CCU lately?

Not really, I made once a game with my friend which had 300 at release.
The game sort of fell down due to the community we didn’t want and is at a permanently stable 5-30 currently active players on daily.

At the moment I mostly do freelance stuff while I still can to improve my building skills, but yeah, RDC sounds fun since I just recently finished school and could find the right time to take a journey to look at RDC.


Recently, I’ve been trying to learn everything besides scripting, such as animations, trailers, drawing thumbnails, icons, make memes, rigging characters, modeling, building, sculpting, UV editing, particle editing, lighting management, classic shirt making, setting up blender mesh’s armature, friday night funkin modding, game logo making.

Most of what I’ve been working on seems to just fall down useless regardless to what I’ve made. Not only that, I feel like I’m in the medium of an easy game to make and a high-quality modeler’s back because I’m just late to the party to the part where most modelers just outshine me these days from all the things I see online.

I still don’t understand what I should be doing to actually get to this point where I’d actually have a game where I’d work as a modeler mostly but as a side-builder to it.

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