Re - Animated "Hovering" Animation


Ok the main feedback i gotten was the Characters bodys where if its a female
the joints or stuff is out, I made this Animation completely only for Blocky Characters sorry, no other than that. I did try changing my character to other characters using admin to test other body types i wouldnt say they looked well.


Ok so a Few Days ago, I made a post of making a Flying Animation it was Considered Hovering by others, so its a Hovering Animation now. The Feedback I got was not expected and thats ok, so I took that feedback and try to make it into something better. Once again I just got back into Animating, Im probaly Horrible or Suck alot I dont know anything bout micky mouse thingy majigy of how animation animation works or whatever it is, I’m just going with this I guess. If you don’t want to go to the game to check it out heres Screenshots below.


Game Link


You tried at least! The animation looks pretty nice, maybe you could add some sort of particle-like effect to add to it as well? Pretty good though overall!

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