're' Feedback my Roulette game!

I need feedback for someone.

pls feedback Anything(ex.gui, sound, gameplay)

No-gameplay is ok.

It’s also good that you join my game lobby just 10 sec and feedback about its condition.



Hello guys,

Do you want to experience life-changing experiences with one jump?
Want to prove your math skill to Roblox’s 9 year kids?

Then this game will be perfect

Roulette’s rule is simple. Jump and step roulette to get more score

After play that, just feedback me about these

: What was not good in game concept / gui / sound / difficulty / etc?

It can be nothing or everything. As a alpha tester, pls give me direct advice! :wink:

It’s less than 5 minute for 1 game, so feel free to come and play!

-Game play gif-


Roulette Rule Lets Anything!

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To be honest, I really like the game concept, but it really seems like it’s unpolished and unfinished.
It’s a very interesting concept that I really haven’t seen anywhere, and if it was a bit pore polished, it would be something I’d actually play once in a while!

But looking at it I think this game is easily exploitable. For instance, you could just freeze in the air and wait for the green part to be right below you, giving you more points than usual.

What I’d love to see in the game is a shop where you can purchase several accesories or gears to help you when falling. You can buy, for example, a gravity coil to fall slower. You could earn these gears with the points you get from falling.

Overall, this is a really cool game, and I think you worked on it a lot! So nice job!!

Thank you for feedback!
Store for gear and accessory will be updated someday.
Sorry for not playing with you… I fixing bug that time so didnt see you visit :smiling_face_with_tear:

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TLDR: Very good job on the game idea, terrible execution.

It is hard to find games that have completely original mechanics, since almost everything has been done several times already. This one has unique mechanics. I guess it’s very similar to that popular mobile game (Dont remember the name) where a ball was falling and you had to avoid obstacles by rotating, but your game is done in a different, unique fashion.

Other than the idea, everything else is terrible. The game doesn’t feel impactful enough, you don’t get satisfaction even when getting perfect score. UI is confusing, sounds are annoying. I really don’t see the need to put the rickroll sound literally everywhere in the game.

If you polish it nicely enough, I think the game has a chance of succeeding.

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Thank you for feedback!
I added that rick roll sound not to make game quiet.
if sound like that not existed, this game would be boring.
But I agree that sound annoying. It will change another someday

you also said gui confusing and I felt like that from developing day but i dont know where should I change…
If you can, pls tell me how to change gui

The leaderboard and map button placement just doesnt feel right, find somewhere else to put them. Their design is bad. Even if you want to keep the design minimalistic, you still need to design it somehow, now it’s just a textlabel with black background and white outline, nothing else.

I personally feel like the game would be better off with the default leaderstats gui, than your custom leaderboard, but if you can do something better, it is up to you.

The same thing goes about the timer and announcements, they feel like no effort was put into them, just a blank textlabel. At the very least pick a better font, and maybe experiment with colors.


----------------------------------------------- 16 days later -------------------------------------------------

So late…

I updated gui and sound following your advices, and I think it was improved over the past.
Sorry for not changed rick roll sound.
Later I thought it will be a symbol of this game,
but I just changed its volume down following your advice partly

Whoever come and peedback my game one more time!

I need feedback for someone.
No-gameplay is ok.

It’s also good that you join my game lobby just 10 sec and feedback about its condition.